UN Environment is calling on governments, businesses and civil society groups to join the fight to beat pollution.

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You are an individual who wants to make a difference? Sign the #BeatPollution pledge and find out how you can reduce your pollution footprint!

#BeatPollution commitments

Governments, businesses and civil society organizations have been making bold commitments to beat pollution. Explore their commitments and add your own. Together, we can clean up the planet.


Why make a commitment?     

Pollution contributes to the death of millions of people every year. It also threatens wildlife and plants and can devastate entire ecosystems. We all have a responsibility to act. Even if you are already doing a lot of work on pollution, we encourage you to submit your commitment through our platform.

What sort of commitments are appropriate?     

Here are a few examples of the types of commitments we would love to see: A company that pledges to improve its energy efficiency or stop producing a harmful product A civil society group that commits to take up pollution as a campaign issue or organize a series of beach clean-ups A government that commits to phase out single-use plastic bags, increase budgets to combat pollution, or strengthen their pollution laws and regulations

Do commitments have to be new?     

Any commitment that your government, business or organization has made since 1 January 2017 may be submitted.

How should commitments be submitted?     

Click “government”, “business” or “civil society”. Complete the form that appears, then submit. For more details, read our guidance note.

Do you want to live on a pollution free-planet?

Sign the #BeatPollution pledge and find out how you can reduce your pollution footprint! Help us inspire them to make bold commitments to eliminate pollution in all its forms. Together, we can clean up the planet.